Lisa Grimm

Lisa Grimm

Haverford, PA
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I write when I have time. Tech maven. BJCP judge. Retired archaeologist. Ex-dot-commer. Beer runner. Geek mom.

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A guide to holiday beers

Seasonal winter beers have a long history; brewers across Europe often relied upon stronger recipes to help get through the coldest, darkest part of the year, and early American settlers continued in ...

The Dude Abides (and Thrives)

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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Trainer?

Lisa Grimm blogs about racing as Superfecta, and craft beer as WeirdBeerGirl. She is a contributing editor to Hello Race Fans.
Benoit Photo, via Associated Press
Awesome Gem, right, with David Flores ...

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A Nymphomania Cure? » The Legacy Center

We came across this item last week in the papers of Woman’s Medical College dean Rachel Bodley (1831-1888). It is from a woman best know to history as ‘The Patient’ of neurologist Dr. Charles K. Mills...